Storage management software

Find out who was selected as finalists in the storage management software category for our storage products of the year

Abrevity Inc. FileData Classifier 2.7
This data classification tool for companies of all sizes uses a home-grown database technology designed for high-speed searching and context-based classification for easy file recovery.

Archivas Inc. ArC v1.8
The Archivas Cluster (ArC) is open standards-based digital archiving software for the long-term preservation, storage and management of fixed content. The latest version offers greater levels of data ingestion and access performance.

EMC Corp. Infoscape
Data classification tool for large enterprises to manage all unstructured data, including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDF files, rich media on Windows file systems and EMC network attached storage (NAS) gear.

Novus Consulting Group Inc. Storage Enterprise Resource Planner (SERP)
This software brings business intelligence to the storage realm and allows users to gain insight into how their lines of business are using or misusing storage assets.

Onaro Inc. SANscreen Replication Assurance
This product provides an inventory of all replicated devices, disaster recovery fabrics and disaster recovery hosts. It also offers visibility into the type of replication that exists between arrays.

Softek Storage Solutions Corp. TDMF UNIX, Version 3.0.
Transparent Data Migration Facility (TDMF) UNIX 3.0 is host-based data migration software useful when replacing or consolidating storage hardware, implementing tiered storage, performing server maintenance, and load balancing.

Storewiz Inc. STN 5000
This tool compresses storage space by shrinking file data typically to a third of the original space. By compressing data on the fly, STN 5000 lets organizations retain fast access to files and databases.

Symantec Corp. Veritas CommandCentral Storage 4.3
This storage resource management (SRM) tool is updated with support for discovery and monitoring of Network Appliance Inc. 7.x systems, support for Oracle on Sun Microsystems Inc. objects, Volume Manager inventory report per host, enhanced Clariion support and Audit Logging.

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