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Storage Decisions Supplement: Architecture Track Downloads

More than 70% of the attendees of Storage Decisions 2005 said they are setting up or evaluating a tiered storage architecture. Download the slides featured in this track to help you set up or administer your storage architecture.

TRACK 3: ARCHITECTURE, "Tiered Storage"
More than 70% of the attendees of Storage Decisions 2005 said they are setting up or evaluating a tiered storage architecture. Featured in this track will be the popular Tiered Storage School sessions along with other sessions that can help any manager set up or administer this new architecture.

Downloads included in this track: (click title to download slides)

Tiered Storage School 101
Speakers:Mike Casey and Greg Forest, Contoural, Inc.
Description: This session covers the key to a successful tiered storage strategy by helping you define the requirements of your business data. Before you can design your new storage tiers, you need to understand your application catalog and how your business uses it. This requires looking beyond the traditional IT metrics of recovery time objective and recovery point objective. Focusing on a broader set of key business drivers will allow you to use your storage tiers to offer the appropriate service levels to your business units, while reducing overall costs.
For more information: View the Tiered Storage School webcast series

Tiered Storage School 201
Speakers: Mike Casey and Greg Forest, Contoural, Inc.
Description: The second hour of Tiered Storage School assists you in tiered storage design. This session covers application classification, defining and executing a migration plan, and establishing a framework for storage provisioning, reporting and/or chargeback.
For more information: Fast guide to tiered storage

Data Classification: Realizing the Benefits of Tiered Storage
Speaker: James Damoulakis, GlassHouse Technologies
Description: This session, based on real-world examples, discusses approaches to accomplishing data classification including alternative approaches, potential pitfalls and key elements for success.
For more information: Special report on data classification

Building a Better File System
Speaker: Brad O'Neill, Taneja Group
Description: With the proliferation of file data we have seen an explosion in the number of ways IT teams can manage unstructured content. In this session, Brad O'Neill explores the types of file management technologies that make sense for particular environments. Topics include: How and when to choose a unified namespace solution, when and why to classify content and options for integrating remote office file content into the enterprise management framework. Brad will focus on helping attendees develop a step-by-step evaluation process aiming to help navigate an increasingly complex vendor landscape.
For more information: File services frenzy

Intelligent Information Management
Speaker: Brian Babineau, Enterprise Strategy Group
Description: IIM is a set of processes and underlying technology solutions that enable organizations to understand, organize and manage all sorts of data types (e.g., general files, databases and e-mails). While information lifecycle management (ILM) is a popular catch-phrase in the industry, it hasn't found commercial success largely because it doesn't address the idea of intelligent data management. IIM does. This session will discuss IIM, criteria that organizations should use when evaluating IIM solutions and the economic justification necessary to spur an investment decision.
For more information: Five tips in five minutes: Tiered storage and ILM

Soaking Up the Data Deluge: Reigning in Explosive Data Growth
Speaker: Mark Diamond, Contoural, Inc.
Description:Companies are being hammered by explosive data growth rates. Storage professionals face the challenge of managing more and more data with the same staff resources and a flat or shrinking budget. The daily work of managing this deluge of data is often crowding out other important IT initiatives. This talk highlights the activities and approaches that have proven most effective and will also identify the seemingly sensible approaches that typically fail to deliver the promised results in controlling the data explosion.
For more information: Top five storage forecasting tips

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