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Storage Decisions Session Downloads (NYC 2006)

Take a look at the sessions that floored at the Storage Decisions conference in New York City, September 27-29, 2006.

Storage managers are hitting a crossroads in 2006. Data in virtually every organization continues to grow at a breakneck pace -- and to keep up, storage networks continue to be built out. This effort is juxtaposed against the storage manager's need to keep it all manageable and keep costs under control.

Storage Decisions 2006 in New York City, September 27-29 tackled these challenges head-on. Below is a full listing of sessions from the show and the slide presentations that go with those topics.

***There is one more chance in 2006 to see these presentations live, network with more than 500 qualified storage managers and plan for 2007. Register now for the Storage Decisions Las Vegas conference. Many of the sessions below will be represented at that show along with a new crop of end user case studies. Apply today.***

As in the past, Storage Decisions was a multi-track event. The tracks, and their themes:

  • Executive -- "Scale Storage, Manage Costs"
  • Architecture -- "Tiered Storage"
  • Smart Shopper -- "Simplify, Scale and Save"
  • Engineering -- "Building Enterprise Storage Networks"
  • Data Protection -- "Back Up, Build Out"

    TRACK 1: EXECUTIVE, "Scale Storage, Manage Costs"
    C-level technology executives not only need to know the status of their current operations but meticulously plan for the future. Our "Executive track" sessions give these technologists an idea of where their storage should be and ideas on where it's headed. Sessions also key on ways to integrate new technologies, processes and ideas without going over budget.

    Sessions included in this track:

  • Five Innovations Impacting Storage
    Presented by Arun Taneja, Taneja Group
  • Passing the Storage Bar: Understanding the Legal and Regulatory Landscape
    Presented by Michael Clark, EDDix LLC
  • Enterprise IT Virtualization -- Eliminating Infrastructure Barriers
    Presented by Steve Duplessie, Enterprise Strategy Group
  • Virtualization Panel
    Presented by Arun Taneja, Taneja Group
  • Storage Next -- ESG 360 Panel
    Presented by Steve Duplessie and Tony Asaro, Enterprise Strategy Group
  • Soaking Up the Data Deluge: Reining in Explosive Data Growth
    Presented by Mark Diamond, Contoural Inc.
  • Loosening the Purse Strings: Building a Defensible Budget Proposal
    Presented by Richard Scannell, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.

    Click to download Executive Track sessions

    TRACK 2: SMART SHOPPER, "Simplify, Scale and Save"
    Very few storage managers have carte blanche when it comes to storage spending. Because of this and the harsh demands of data growth rates, managers need to spend budget wisely. Sessions in our "Smart Shopper track" help managers get the most bang for their storage buck. Talks on negotiating with vendors, looking at different product sets and emerging technologies fall in this realm.

    Sessions included in this track:

  • Why the Safe Storage Buy Isn't Always the Best Storage Buy
    Marc Staimer, Dragon Slayer Consulting
  • Rating the Array Vendors
    Rich Castagna, Storage magazine and Phil Goodwin, Diogenes Analytical Laboratories Inc.
  • Understanding New NAS Architectures
    Presented by Jerome M. Wendt, The Datacenter Infrastructure Group
  • Statistics Canada Tallies Impressive ROI Numbers
    Presented by Guy Charron, Statistics Canada
  • What Storage Managers Are Buying
    Presented by Rich Castagna,Storagemagazine

    Click to download Smart Shopper Track sessions

    TRACK 3: ARCHITECTURE, "Tiered Storage"
    More than 70% of the attendees of Storage Decisions 2005 said they are setting up or evaluating a tiered storage architecture. Featured in this track will be the popular Tiered Storage School sessions along with other sessions that can help any manager set up or administer this new architecture.

    Sessions included in this track:

  • Large Scale SAN Consolidation
    Tim Hesson, Kindred Healthcare Inc.
  • Understanding File Management
    Presented by Brad O'Neill, Taneja Group
  • Tiered Storage School 101
    Presented by Greg Forest, Contoural Inc.
  • Tiered Storage School 201
    Presented by Greg Forest, Contoural Inc.
  • iSCSI Moves to the Mainstream
    Presented by Tony Asaro, ESG

    Click to download Architecture Track sessions

    TRACK 4: ENGINEERING, "Building Enterprise Storage Networks"
    To keep up with the demands of data and business requirements, managers need to engineer the most flexible and complete storage network. This track looks at SAN and NAS issues, distance demands, remote offices and how to build out systems.

    Sessions included in this track:

  • SAN School 101
    Stephen Foskett, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
  • SAN School 201
    Stephen Foskett, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
  • Pumping Up Array Performance
    Presented by Ray Lucchesi, Silverton Consulting Inc.
  • Using WAN Technology to Centralize Remote Office Data
    Presented by Marc Staimer, Dragon Slayer Consulting
  • Negotiates Unique Virtualized Storage Environment
    Presented by Ron Rose,
  • Storage on Steroids: Alleviating Network Bottlenecks
    Presented by Greg Schulz, Founder and Senior Analyst, StorageIO

    Click to download Engineering Track sessions

    TRACK 5: DATA PROTECTION, "Back Up, Build Out"
    Quite possibly the top issue in storage is how to protect your data. Backing up, restore and making that process seamless is critical. This track covers everything backup. Also covered here are sessions on disaster recovery and business continuity.

    Sessions included in this track:

  • Backup School 101
    Presented by W. Curtis Preston, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
  • Backup School 201
    Presented by W. Curtis Preston, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
  • Disaster Recovery -- It's All About the Data!
    Presented by Bill Peldzus, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
  • The ABCs of CDP
    Presented by Phil Goodwin and Jeff Wells, Diogenes Analytical Laboratories Inc.
  • Safeguard Stored Data with Encryption and Archiving
    Presented by W. Curtis Preston, GlassHouse Technologies Inc.

    Click to download Data Protection Track sessions

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