Serial-attached SCSI quiz

How much do you know about Serial-attached SCSI (SAS) technology besides its attractive low cost and speed? Take our Quiz and see how SAS savvy you really are.

How much do you know about serial-attached SCSI technology besides its attractive low cost and speed? Take our...

quiz and see how SAS savvy you really are.

1. Serial-attached SCSI offers advantages over what type of older technology?
What is it?

2. Problems related to this are less likely to happen in serial interfaces than in parallel interfaces.
What is it?

3. Devices that employ SAS are compatible with what technology?
What is it?

4. SAS offers data transfer rates in excess of 3 what?
What is it?

5. Compatibility between SATA and SAS drives enables the use of this technology within a single array.
What is it?

6. SAS products are compatible with devises that employ this earlier technology.
What is it?

7. The SAS standard was approved by this organization.
What is it?

8. Serial-attached SCSI employs this kind of digital data transfer over thin cables.
What is it?

9. This type of server is a frequent recipient of SAS drives.
What is it?

10. SAS technology uses double what?
What is it?

Attention disk storage savvy students
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This was last published in May 2006

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