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Salary rankings for storage pros

Arm yourself with information to advance your career. Learn how you stack up to your storage peers with results from TechTarget's 2002 Summer/Fall salary survey.

TechTarget recently conducted a year-long survey of IT professionals' 2002 salaries. Some interesting trends emerged. Here are some highlights to pass along from the survey, which displayed results from several hundred storage professionals as well:

Breakdown by average salary, based on years of experience

  • $82,706 U.S. (for respondents with 30 years' storage experience)
  • $78,577 U.S. (for respondents with 20 years' storage experience)
  • $72,833 U.S. (for respondents with 14 years' storage experience)
  • Breakdown by amount of storage managed

  • 27% manage from 500MB to 1TB
  • 25% manage from 1-3TB
  • 26% manage under 500MB
  • 21% manage over 10TB
  • 19% manage from 3-10TB
  • Breakdown of background, experience and training

  • 52% have been trained in SAN or NAS subsystems
  • 33% have experience with Fibre Channel and interconnect technologies
  • 35% have experience in mainframe systems support
  • 20% have experience in high performance, parallel or distributed systems
  • Less than 1% of respondents indicated they had storage-specific certifications
  • Would you like to know where you stand in today's market? Take the interactive salary survey now.

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