SAN School: Lesson 5

This lesson explores the most important things you need to consider when building a SAN from the ground up.

SAN"Designing the SAN"

Join Christopher Poelker, co-author, Storage Area Networks for Dummies, for a lesson on how to design your SAN. This lesson explores the most important things you need to consider when building a SAN from the ground up.

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When you're thinking about designing a SAN, there are many important things that you need to consider before you jump right into it. For starters, you need to how the components fit together in order to choose a SAN design that will work for you. Like most storage managers, you'll want to design your SAN to fit today's storage needs as well as tomorrow's increased storage capacity. Aside from being scalable, the ideal SAN should also be designed for resiliency and high availability with the least amount of latency. Chapter 5 covers all these important design aspects and walks you through the process of creating a template design. In addition, Christopher Poelker shares some tips from his experiences with building SANs as well as best practices he's learned along the way.

What you'll walk away with:
** In-depth knowledge of how to create an effective SAN design to meet your needs
** How to design a SAN for scalability and high availability
** When to use World Wide Name zoning and when to use port zoning
** Industry-wide tips and best practices

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About Christopher Poelker:

Christopher Poelker is a storage architect at Hitachi Data Systems. Prior to Hitachi, Chris was a lead storage architect/senior systems architect for Compaq Computer, Inc., in New York. While at Compaq, Chris built the sales/service engagement model for Compaq StorageWorks, and trained most of the company's VAR's, Channel's and Compaq ES/PS contacts on StorageWorks. Chris' certifications include: MCSE, MCT (Microsoft Trainer), MASE (Compaq Master ASE Storage Architect), and A+ certified (PC Technician).

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This was last published in May 2005

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