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Reduxio Systems Reduxio HX550

Reduxio hybrid HX550 supports instant recovery to any point-in-time snapshots.

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The Reduxio HX550 iSCSI hybrid flash storage array is configured with patented cross-volume BackDating technology. BackDating continuously records data across multiple tiers and supports unlimited snapshots for recovery to any point in time.

Reduxio writeable clones are independent of the parent volume. Multi-level cascading supports versioning.

Powered by the vendor's TimeOS operating system, Reduxio HX550 is rated to deliver 88,000 IOPS for a mixed read/write with sub-millisecond latency. TimeOS provides insights about how much space is being consumed by data protection, enabling users to modify policies on the fly.

Reduxio Systems combines flash storage for write IOPS with global inline data compression and deduplication. The array writes deduplicated data to flash and offloads data to hard disk drives. Active data remains on SSDs.

Reduxio HX550 deduplicates data in 8K blocks in a pre-memory buffer and applies a unique time stamp to each block in its database. System metadata is kept in a separate database, including log data that indicates when blocks were written, along with synchronization information.

The 2U hardware holds 24 hard disk drives or SAS-connected enterprise multilevel cell (eMLC) NAND flash drives and tops out at 40 TB of raw capacity. The vendor claims In-memory data reduction can boost effective capacity to around 120 TB. Projected use cases include midrange enterprises that run VMware virtual servers, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), and line-of-business applications for resource planning and customer relationship management.

Judges were impressed by the way Reduxio optimizes and continuously protects data, particularly the ability to roll back to any point-in-time snapshots. One evaluator wrote that Reduxio was "innovative for [its] use of metadata in a block storage system" that supports "infinite snaps [and] intelligent tiering."

Reduxio Systems Reduxio HX550

Another judge described the Reduxio HX550 as a "clever hybrid array that… combines brilliant data protection with data reduction, granular storage tiering and automated consistency."

Reduxio said its wizard-based installation takes about 10 minutes. The vendor claims its storage costs around $1 per usable GB with data reduction. Reduxio HX550 arrays carry a three-year warranty.

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