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Nutanix Complete Cluster

The Nutanix Complete Cluster is scale-out storage that integrates compute, networking and hypervisors with storage. The system supports live VM migration and high availability.

The Nutanix Complete Cluster has been awarded the silver medal in the storage systems category in Storage magazine's/'s 2011 Products of the Year competition. Our best data storage products of 2011 guide provides a listing of all the winners.

Silver 2011 Products of the Year

Newcomer Nutanix designed its scale-out storage system to support virtual servers, and its Complete Cluster integrates compute, networking and hypervisors with storage. The Complete Cluster is a series of 2U Complete Blocks. Each block has four server nodes running a standard hypervisor, complete with processors (a total of eight CPUs with 48 cores), memory (from 193 GB to 768 GB of RAM) and local storage (1 TB SSD and 20 TB SATA). The storage includes PCI Express (PCIe) solid-state Fusion-io ioDrives to optimize performance.

Each additional node can become part of the Complete Cluster. Nutanix claims it has tested up to 50 nodes in a cluster for a performance of 375,000 random IOPS and 28 GBps in 26U of rack space.

Nutanix Complete Cluster

The system supports live virtual machine (VM) migration and high availability. Its architecture reserves solid-state drives (SSDs) for I/O-intensive functions, bypassing SSDs for low-priority virtual machines and automatically moving infrequently used data to hard drives. A virtual machine can write data anywhere in the cluster.

Nutanix said the system design was inspired by scale-out storage used by companies such as Google. Our judges scored the Complete Cluster high on innovation and functionality.

“As VM workloads become a bigger part of environments, a purpose-built architecture that delivers high value quickly becomes more important and more viable,” one judge said of the Nutanix system. The Nutanix Complete Cluster Starter Kit is $75,000.

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