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More companies turn to cloud storage service providers

Cloud storage is approaching critical mass with nearly half of companies sending data into the ether.

Nearly half the companies polled in our most recent cloud storage survey say they're using one or more cloud storage...

service providers to store an average of 24% of their total data.

While backup is still the most favored application for cloud storage with 63% of respondents saying at least some of the backup data goes to the cloud, other applications are gaining momentum as well: disaster recovery was cited by 44% of respondents, followed closely by collaboration/file sharing (41%), archiving (40%), primary storage (38%) and nearline storage (19%).

It's not so surprising that backup, DR, file sharing and archiving lead the list as each has been mentioned frequently as a potential cloud storage killer app. But with 38% indicating that they're also sending live, production primary data to the cloud, it could signal a shift in the perception of cloud storage and a greater level of comfort with cloud storage security.

That said, security was still cited more frequently (50%) as a concern related to cloud storage than any other factor. The cost of cloud storage loomed large, too, with capacity fees a concern of 32% of respondents, followed by transaction costs at 28%.

Still the sheer volume of data getting parked in the cloud is growing. Among our survey group, 31% said they had more than 25 TB in the cloud, with 8% telling us that they have more than 100 TB sitting on cloud storage.

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