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Marc Staimer will contribute a monthly blog, as well as a number of webcasts, to Staimer is also featured as one of our "Ask the Experts" writers. Here's his most recent blog entry:


  NEW!  Seven network storage predictions for 2007 (26 Jan 2007)
It's time to once again stick my neck out and make predictions on what you very likely can expect from the network storage industry in 2007. Before I do that, let's see how well I prognosticated last year? I made a lot of predictions in six industry segments. Continue with Seven network storage predictions for 2007>>

  Putting together an effective data protection plan (23 Oct 2006)
I promised to provide a blog with a methodology or series of steps that will help you establish a workable, testable and cost-effective data protection plan. This is that blog. The methodology I am about to outline is fairly general and will need to be customized for your organization. Continue with data protection plan>>

  Look through the over-hyped storage terms; find the value (28 Aug 2006)
Many storage-networking vendors have a tendency to over-hype or exaggerate the value proposition of their products. Hype is nothing new and has been around since humans first attempted to sell products. The terms "snake-oil-salesman" and "carnival barker" are 19th century descriptions of people whom exaggerated or over-hyped products. "Best thing since sliced bread" and "it will even make your coffee in the morning" are 20th century examples of over-hype. Continue with storage terms value>>

  Archives and data protection: They are NOT the same (17 July 2006)
In the course of my consulting practice, I receive hundreds of emails and phone calls about a vast array of storage issues. I can usually determine what the vendors are saying to the users by the consistency of certain questions. Lately, I have been asked the following question repeatedly:

If the user implements an ILM strategy that eventually migrates the data to some form of archival storage (usually tape), can they forego backups or other forms of data protection? Continue with Archives and data protection>>

  Programmable storage adapters: Why they actually make sense (30 May 2006)
The storage networking market has been plagued by hype, over-promised benefits, broadly interpreted standards and even wildly diverging meanings of the same descriptive words. This is not any different from any other high-tech market; however, the consequences for the very risk-averse storage market can be and has been excruciatingly painful. Continue with "Programmable storage adapters">>

  Overlooking hardware acquisition costs can and will hurt you (12 April 2006)
When IT organizations evaluate the acquisition of storage software products, they usually pay very close attention to whether or not the software's functions, meet the needs of the organization. They also look in depth at the total cost of ownership (TCO) of that software. Yet, far too often they ignore its hardware acquisition implications. This one simple oversight can be devastating to an IT budget while being career-fatal to the evaluation team. Continue with "Overlooking hardware acquisition costs" >>

  The rapid evolution of NAS -- it's no longer simple storage (28 Feb 2006)
Marc Staimer writes about the rapid evolution of NAS from departmental and SMB storage into Enterprise-class storage that equals or exceeds SAN storage.

  Plan ahead to skip storage snags (19 Jan 2006)
Storage expert Marc Staimer explains why you can help yourself avoid possible emergencies later by attending to urgent and not-so-urgent matters now.

  Six network storage predictions for '06 (6 Jan 2006)
Storage expert Marc Staimer gives his predictions on what the new year will bring for iSCSI, data protection and other storage technologies.

  Differentiating WAN Optimization and WAFS (7 Nov 2005)
Storage expert Marc Staimer explains the differences between the often confused WAN optimization and WAFS.

  Avoid the pain in data migration (14 Sep 2005)
There are a number of reasons why data migration can be a painful process, but best practices can help ensure a successful migration without the trauma.

  Will iSCSI over 10 Gbit copper Ethernet radically alter the SAN market? (02 Sep 2005)
Low cost 10 Gbit copper Ethernet changes SAN dynamics by increasing the iSCSI value proposition by an order of magnitude, with the primary value prop for SANs being shared storage.

  Storage vendors: Where's the value proposition?(08 Aug 2005)
Unfortunately, most vendors will not provide a value proposition to a user about their products, but that doesn't mean it's not important, because it is. Read what kind of qualified information you should expect a storage vendor to supply to you.

  NAS buying tips: Common sense approach to buying NAS (07 Jun 2005)
I am often asked by end users what NAS they should buy? My answer always surprises them. The answer is usually the same with minor variations: "It depends."

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About Marc Staimer:
Marc Staimer is president and CDS of Dragon Slayer Consulting in Beaverton, Oregon. He is widely known as one of the leading storage market analysts in the network storage and storage management industries. His consulting practice of 6+ years provides consulting to the end-user and vendor communities. Most of his consulting is in the areas of strategic planning as well as product and market development. Staimer's 23 years of marketing, sales and business experience in the storage, software and systems industries, combined with his years of research into the MIS community, give him unique business, systems and market expertise.

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