Learn all about LUNs

A LUN is the unique address for a SCSI device or a virtual hard disk partition in a RAID configuration. This handbook tells how to manage and partition LUNs.

LUNs transform raw storage into usable space, accessible from any attached operating system. However, creating and implementing LUNs can be a challenge.

In this handbook you'll learn what LUNs are, how they're used, how to implement LUNs, how to manage LUNs, how to partition LUNs and the concepts involved in LUN migration.

LUN basics

Learn what a LUN is, and how it is used.

Implementing LUNs

This segment explains how to create and implement LUNs.

LUN management

Learn how to properly expand and partition LUNs.

Advanced LUN topics

Learn about LUN migration and other data management topics in this segment.

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About the author: Greg Schulz is founder and senior analyst with the IT infrastructure analyst and consulting firm StorageIO Group. Greg is also the author and illustrator of Resilient Storage Networks (Elsevier) and has contributed material to "Storage" magazine and other TechTarget venues.

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