Kahn Consulting, Inc.: At the Crossroads of IT and Law

Find out how to prepare you organization in the event of legal inquiry with these tools from Kahn consulting

Kahn Consulting, Inc.:
Crossroads of Where Technology and Law Meet

Exclusive FREE access to a Records and E-Discovery Assessment and Executive Briefing from Kahn Consulting, Inc.

SearchStorage.com Today's corporate challenges related to records and information management requires a proactive approach on behalf of senior management. Find out how Kahn Consulting, Inc., can make sure you're protected.

The crossroads of technology and law can be an unfamiliar place for many companies. A truly efficient records retention and information management strategy and program requires expertise and knowledge that go beyond the reasonable scope of the IT department. The IT staff simply can't do it on its own.

To be successful, an organization needs:

  • Guidance to map-out and articulate roles and responsibilities for legal, IT, compliance and business departments
  • Knowledge of best practices on how to comply with statutory, regulatory and E-Discovery mandates
  • Advice on formulating and managing a records retention program that makes sense for your organization
  • Expertise to build a defensible and enforceable records retention program
Find out how Kahn Consulting, Inc. can help:

Kahn Consulting ,Inc., in partnership with SearchStorage.com, is providing access to two services that will provide the tools you need to proactively managing corporate information. Randolph A. Kahn, ESQ and founder of Kahn Consulting, Inc., is an author, educator and featured speaker at Storage Decisions seminars. As the principal of Kahn Consulting, Inc., Mr. Kahn advises corporate counsel and information technology professionals in both government and corporate institutions on policy issues related to the management of electronic information and records.

Records Management and E-Discovery Assessment

Kahn's Records Management and E-Discovery Assessment is a service that evaluates how prepared your organization is to provide -- on time and in compliance -- information in the event of lawsuits, audits, investigations and other formal proceedings. For a description of this service, download this overview  at no cost today.

Executive Briefing Workshops: Information Management Strategy
 The Kahn Consulting Executive Briefing Workshops are designed to address information management strategy, strategic planning and policy issues at a high level for a team of executives and functioning managers in your organization. For an overview of this workshop,  download this description at no cost today.


Records Management and E-Discovery Assessment

Many organizations today struggle to find, produce and manage e-communications and e-documents for business purposes and as required for lawsuits, audits, investigations and other formal proceedings. Accessing electronic information for lawsuits and other formal matters is commonly known as electronic discovery (E-discovery). E-Discovery has emerged as a key challenge for companies of all sizes, across all industries.

Kahn Consulting, Inc. offers an Records Management and E-Discovery Assessment service that can help you find the holes in your plan. Download this document to help you determine what components of your records management and E-Discovery plans need to be assessed.


Executive Briefing Workshops: Information Management Strategy

In today's environment, protection of a company's business and legal interests requires the application of a formal compliance methodology to information management.

This half-day forum is designed to foster a cross-functional understanding and develop a high-level strategy for senior executives from key business and functional areas of your organization. The Executive Briefing was developed for corporate executives, including leaders from the business units, IT, legal, compliance, audit, tax, information security and human resources departments. There are multiple reasons, both legal and part of "best business" practices that demand the cultivation of a standardized approach to information management -- including:

  • Protection of corporate reputation
  • Compliance with regulations & laws
  • Corporate risk reduction
  • Improvement of litigation outcome
  • Reduction of discovery costs
  • Supported tax filings
  • Improved business processes
  • Support for standardized business practices
  • Enhanced employee productivity
  • Reduction of IT expenditures
  • Improved corporate knowledge

Find the gaps in your plan and learn how Kahn Consulting, Inc. can help you implement an effective information management program today. _____________________________________________________________________________________
About Kahn Consulting, Inc.
Kahn Consulting, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in the legal, compliance, and policy issues of information technology and information lifecycle management. Through a range of services including information and records management program development; electronic records and email policy development; information management compliance audits; product assessments; legal and compliance research; and education and training, Kahn helps its clients address today's critical issues in an ever-changing regulatory and technological environment. Based in Chicago, Kahn provides its services to Fortune 500 companies and government agencies in North America and around the world.

To get more E-Discovery advice from SearchStorage.com's partner Kahn Consulting, be sure to visit Kahn Concsulting Inc., today !.

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