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JetStream Software JetStream Migrate

JetStream Migrate makes moving the VMware-based virtual machines from on-premises storage infrastructure to the cloud a seamless and simple operation.

Silver winner in Storage magazine and SearchStorage's 2018 Products of the Year storage management tools category.

JetStream Software has solved one of the biggest challenges facing companies using cloud computing: migrating virtual machines (VMs) from on-premises platforms to the cloud and back as easily as moving them between on-premises locations. The company designed JetStream Migrate for organizations using VMware virtualization. Migrate takes advantage of VMware vSphere APIs for IO filtering, and JetStream calls it "VMware-ready."

JetStream Migrate, part of the vendor's Cross-Cloud Platform, picked up a silver medal in its first year on the market. JetStream Software developed Migrate to run in observation mode first. Before any migration happens, the software monitors network throughput and storage I/O and predicts how much time it will take to replicate any VMs. IT admins can schedule independent VMs to automatically migrate to the cloud and switch over to the cloud-based VMs when migration completes.

Even with automatic migration, admins running JetStream Migrate can adjust data replication rates to reduce any impact on applications still running on premises. For situations where there can be absolutely no application impact, the software supports physical transportation of data. Here, JetStream Migrate will be ready to make the crossover from on premises to the cloud once a physical drive with the VM has been received at the cloud data center.

JetStream Software claims Migrate supports data migration from any storage type, including SAN, NAS, Virtual Volumes, Virtual SAN or other hyper-converged infrastructure as long as VMware supports it.

One judge said the company "solves a major VMware cloud migration problem simply, easily, with an intuitive methodology and processes" via JetStream Migrate. Another described the tool as "well-integrated and useful, not too expensive."

JetStream Software claims it can save cloud service providers money using a per-VM pricing model by making it easier to predict actual migration costs. In addition, being VMware-based reduces the cost of administrative and professional services.

JetStream Migrate dashboard
The JetStream Migrate dashboard allows you to pick which virtual machines can be migrated from disk to disk.

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