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Jerome Wendt: Blogs and more

Here you will find monthly blogs by Jerome Wendt, as well as other material by this storage expert.

Jerome M. Wendt

Jerome M. Wendt will contribute a monthly blog to Jerome is also the Tech Report contributor for "Storage" magazine. Here's his most recent blog entry:

  NEW!  Disk-based backup continues gaining steam (22 Dec 2006)
Many who work in the field of data protection will attest that 2006 was one of the better years that they have seen in a long time. Continue reading: Disk-based backup continues gaining steam>>

  Don't let storage platform complexity get the best of you (01 Dec 2006)
How complicated is your storage environment? While the answer to that question largely hinges upon the size of the storage network one manages, the more storage platforms or arrays that an organization deploys, the more susceptible one's data may become to loss or corruption, taking organizations down a dangerous road. Continue reading: Don't let storage platform complexity get the best of you>>

 Iron Mountain aftermath: Be your own second layer of data protection (2 Oct 2006)
My previous blog about Iron Mountain's fire in England generated more reader responses than I expected. Though feedback from Iron Mountain would not have surprised me, many readers had their own experiences with Iron Mountain to share with me -- most of them negative. Continue with second layer of data protection>>

  Facilities need a higher data protection standard (14 Aug 2006)
I was working on a blog, when I had a change of heart as to what its focus would be. This was prompted by an email I received that contained the news that an Iron Mountain storage facility in London burned to the ground, destroying the paper records of more than 600 customers. At that point, I started working on this topic instead. I find this news completely amazing, for there is no way something like this should happen to a company in the line of business that Iron Mountain is in. More on data protection standard>>

  Data protection: Implement now, avoid the bad press later (10 July 2006)
The topic of data protection is rarely glamorized -- either in the press or in the office. It is one of those tasks that when performed well, no one seems to know about it or care. However, if it is done poorly, everyone hears about it, usually when a crisis is occurring. So, when asked to blog on the topic of data protection, my initial reaction was one of uncertainty. How does one transform a topic viewed as problematic into one that both helps individuals solve technical problems and create opportunities for themselves within the company they work? In that vein, I had a few thoughts on the subject. More on data protection >>

Also by Jerome M. Wendt
Tech Reports

  Tech Report: Content-addressed storage preferred for fixed-content storage: With more data subject to external and internal audits, content-addressed storage products are becoming the preferred storage medium for the long-term protection of fixed content.
  Tech Report: Director switches: Get deep into the nitty-gritty of director switches from storage industries experts and learn the reasons why you should or shouldn't consider implementing one.
  Tech Report: SRM: This month, storage analyst Jerome M. Wendt's Tech Report takes look at storage resource management (SRM) tools.

About Jerome M. Wendt:
Jerome M. Wendt is the founder and lead analyst of The Datacenter Infrastructure Group, an independent analyst and consulting firm that helps users evaluate the different storage technologies on the market and make the right storage decision for their organization. Jerome began his career as a systems administrator and has worked in a number of end user roles in both public and private organizations including a storage analyst, systems manager and storage systems engineer. In his last position prior to founding The Datacenter Infrastructure Group, he worked as a member of a global storage support team for a Fortune 500 company responsible for more than 200 TB of storage and 3,000 SAN ports in seven different data centers. Jerome contributes regularly to a number of storage trade publications and is a regular speaker at industry trade shows. He can be reached at

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