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Isilon HD400 NAS platform

The EMC Isilon HD400 is a midrange NAS array designed specifically for environments that require deep-archive storage and faster access times than tape systems.

The EMC Isilon HD400 is a NAS array designed to meet deep-archive storage needs. Deep-archive storage is reliable, high-capacity storage for data that will most likely never be accessed, but must be retained for business or compliance reasons. Though deep-archive storage has traditionally used tape as the principal storage medium, the Isilon HD400 uses hard disk drives (HDDs) that have faster access times than tape-based systems. The HD400 is currently the only product in EMC's Isilon HD-Series.

The HD400 has a capacity of 354 TB per node and 59 drive slots. Because it is used for deep archiving rather than performance storage, the Isilon HD400 only accepts 3.5-inch 6 TB HDDs, has one 800 GB flash solid-state drive for metadata and data caching, and does not use flash to store data. The system has an initial minimum order quantity of three nodes; a cluster can contain as many as 144 nodes, meaning the total capacity can range from 1.06 petabytes (PB) to 50.9 PB.

The product does not support self-encrypting drives, and can have 24 GB or 48 GB of system memory. There are two Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and two 10-GbE networking ports. The system uses a 6 Gbps Serial ATA drive controller, and runs on an Intel Xeon E5-2407 v2 processor.

The Isilon HD400 platform requires the OneFS operating system (OS) version 7.2 or higher, due to the introduction of new features such as scalability to 50 PB. The HD400 array also provides a variety of software and management options:

  • Isilon SmartDedupe to dedupe redundant data across multiple sources.
  • SmartPools, which implements an automated tiering system to move frequently used data to performance-based pools.
  • SmartConnect, which provides greater data reliability by supporting load balancing and dynamic network file system failover across nodes.
Because it is used for deep archiving rather than performance storage, the Isilon HD400 only accepts 3.5-inch 6 TB HDDs.

All software options must be licensed separately. However, a version of SmartConnect called SmartConnect Basic is included in the OneFS OS without any licensing required.

The product also supports a range of data protection software:

  • SyncIQ performs asynchronous replication over wide-area networks and local-area networks.
  • SnapshotIQ provides backup and recovery functionality across multiple nodes.
  • SmartLock protects against accidental data deletion or alteration using a software-based write-once read-many approach.

The Isilon HD400 array has a starting list price of approximately $180,000, and comes with a one-year standard hardware-only limited warranty. The optional enhanced warranty upgrade provides a 9-to-5 next business day on-site response, technical support with response times based on severity and next business day replacement part delivery. The Premium warranty upgrade provides on-site response, technical support and replacement part delivery tiered based on severity. Critical priority issues receive a 30-minute online response, as well as a four-hour on-site response time and replacement parts delivery.

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