Is RAID only relevant for the enterprise, or should SMBs and SOHOs be concerned with RAID?

RAID is relevant for the enterprise, the SMBs, the SOHOs, and RAID is even appearing in...

RAID is relevant for the enterprise, the SMBs [small and medium-sized business], the SOHOs [small office, home office], and RAID is even appearing in very small offices and consumer products, and you don't even realize it; but not on a massive scale. That's yet to come. RAID is relevant across the board, whether its in a enterprise storage system, a virtual tape library, a deduplication appliance or a server.

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Do RAID levels still matter?
But do SMBs and SOHOs need to be concerned with RAID? They shouldn't have to be. RAID should be transparent. They shouldn't have to worry about what RAID level they are configuring, how the stripes are set up or the chunk size. In other words, it needs to be very simple for them. They should be able to say 'I need high performance,' and the system takes care of that.

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