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IBM FlashSystem 840 and FlashSystem V840

FlashSystem 840 and V840 are all-flash storage systems from IBM that use Variable Stripe RAID for high performance in case of failure.

The IBM FlashSystem 840 is a series of all-flash storage systems. According to the company, the 840 series is designed for online transaction processing, virtual desktop infrastructure and cloud environments. FlashSystem 840 is available in models 9840-AE1 and 9843-AE1.

IBM FlashSystem 840 features IBM's MicroLatency technology, which the company said offers 135-microsecond or less access times. FlashSystem 840 systems can scale from 2 TB to 48 TB, and customers can choose the MicroLatency level appropriate for their needs -- 1 TB, 2 TB and 4 TB.

IBM FlashSystem 840 uses IBM Variable Stripe RAID to maintain performance in case of failures and system-wide RAID 5 to help prevent data loss. Components can be hot-swapped and are fully redundant.

FlashSystem 840 can be managed via a graphical user interface (GUI), as well as a scriptable command-line interface (CLI). Data protection is offered through AES-XTS 256 encryption and is Kroll Ontrack-certified. The system is also Energy Star-certified.

IBM FlashSystem 840 is available for sale from IBM or IBM partners, and is also available for lease under its Fair Market Value program through IBM Global Financing.

IBM FlashSystem V840 is an enterprise-level, software-driven series of flash storage systems. FlashSystem V840 can manage IBM and non-IBM third-party storage arrays using storage virtualization.

The IBM FlashSystem V840 series -- model numbers 9846/8-AC1 and 9846/8-AE1 -- offers scalable storage from 2 TB to 320 TB, with a bandwidth of 19.2 GBps. Users can use the V840 alone or in a cluster of up to four. FlashSystem V840 is made up of two Control Enclosures and one Storage Enclosure. FlashSystem V840 runs on IBM FlashSystem V840 Software. The software has the following features:

  • IBM Real-Time Compression -- IBM claims this increases storage capacity up to five times. Control Enclosure also includes a compression accelerator card that doubles performance.
  • IBM Easy Tier third generation -- Enables users to configure up to three tiers of storage.
  • IBM FlashCopy -- Copies data across multiple storage systems.
  • Thin provisioning and snapshot replication -- The system offers automated on-demand storage provisioning and disaster recovery tools.
  • IBM Storwize Family Management Interface -- This software features one interface for storage, management and configuration.

In case of failures, V840 uses 2D Flash RAID, which includes IBM Variable Stripe RAID and system-wide RAID 5.

IBM FlashSystem V840 was designed to integrate with VMware and includes a vCenter plug-in, Site Recovery Manager and VAAI support.

IBM FlashSystem V840 was designed to integrate with VMware and includes a vCenter plug-in, Site Recovery Manager and vStorage API for Array Integration (VAAI) support. Offers include either a one- or three-year warranty.

FlashSystem V840 is available for purchase from IBM and its channel partners. In addition to the hardware, V840 Software requires a license purchase. The base license features include virtualization, FlashCopy, thin provisioning, data migration, Easy Tier technology, compression enhancements and automatic re-striping of data. The optional software license features are external storage virtualization, real-time compression and remote mirroring.

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