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How to: Solve your top storage headaches

The readers have spoken. In a recent poll you told us your top storage headaches. This "how-to" guide offers the extra-strength aspirin to solving those top problems.

Mark Lewis, Managing Editor What plagues you most when it comes to managing storage? Well according to a recent poll, those pesky backups are still causing most of your hair to fall out. Couple that with the votes we got for creating a disaster recovery plan and more than half of the respondents say a backup/recovery related issue is their biggest problem. The next biggest headache are management-related issues. More specifically, finding good tools AND good staff to run a good storage operation. Below,'s editors have compiled what you need most, resources to help solve these ongoing problems. Admitting you have a problem is the first here is some help solving those challenges.


   More efficient backups
   A few good storage management tools
   Creating a DR plan that won't break the bank
   Ease staffing concerns
   Troubleshooting your SANs
   Getting the best deal from your vendors

   More efficient backups  Return to Table of Contents

  A few good storage mangement tools  Return to Table of Contents

   Creating a DR plan that won't break the bank  Return to Table of Contents

   Ease staffing concerns  Return to Table of Contents
  • Tip: Who should be charged with managing your SAN hardware?

  • Tip: How to build a storage management practice
  • Expert advice: How many admins does it take to manage a terabyte?
  • Webcast: With the increasing complexity storage management brings to an organization it may be wise to think about setting up an internal storage group within your IT department. Stephen Foskett covers how many admins you need, what their responsibilities are and how to align staffing resources with requirements. Click here for the webcast.

   Interoperability  Return to Table of Contents

   Troubleshooting your SANs  Return to Table of Contents

   Getting the best deal from your vendors  Return to Table of Contents
  • Webcast: Best Practices for Buying Storage
    Presented by Bill Peldzus, Director of Storage Architecture, GlassHouse Technologies
    By understanding the best approaches for buying storage you can get the best deal for your company. Along with tips and techniques for rating RFI and RFP responses, it will put you -- the buyer -- back in control.
    View this webcast
  • Tip: RFPs create savings

  • RFP workshop webcasts:

    SRM & Policy-Based Management: Creating RFP's that achieve the right results
    Presented by Jamie Gruener, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Computing and Networking, The Yankee Group
    Jamie Gruener looks at the top five priorities you need to consider when evaluating storage resource management (SRM) tools. He explains how these priorities translate into questions you need to ask vendors as part of an RFP. Attendees to his webcast preview will also learn the top five "gotchas" that customers have experienced in evaluating SRM, and how to avoid these issues by asking the right questions during the review process.
    View the webcast

    Writing a switch RFP
    John Webster, Senior Analyst and Founder, Data Mobility Group
    Building a SAN requires careful and detailed attention to the SAN switching environment. Acquiring the best switch configuration for a given environment or set of applications can be a daunting task. Getting vendors to speak to these issues in their responses to your RFP will help you construct a SAN that will hold-up under a production work load and make changing the configuration as time goes on a much easier proposition. This webcast walks step-by-step through these issues and offers attendees the critical information needed to get the most out of the switch-buying experience.
    View this webcast

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