HDS VSP G1000 array

The Hitachi Data Systems VSP G1000 is a storage array designed for large enterprise SAN environments.

The Hitachi Data Systems Virtual Storage Platform (HDS VSP) G1000 is a large enterprise SAN array for heavily virtualized...

data centers requiring storage capacities in the terabyte range. Features include external storage virtualization and redundant architectures. The platform also includes the Hitachi Command Suite, an integrated management suite with its own Storage Virtualization Operating System. The unit integrates with most virtualization managers, and is available for block or file storage. Block storage is native to the HDS VSP while the Hitachi Network Attached Storage (HNAS) system provides file storage.

The HDS VSP G1000 ships as a 19-inch rack with a height of approximately 201 cm (79 inches). It can fit a maximum of 1,152 3.5-inch disk drives or 2,304 2.5-inch disk drives. Alternatively, it can fit 384 flash drives and 576 Hitachi Accelerated Flash Module Drives (FMDs). This yields a total raw capacity of 2.656 petabytes (PB) using SAS drives, 4.511 PB using 4 TB near-line SAS drives or 2.026 PB with FMDs.

The HDS VSP G1000 supports RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 6 configurations. The array can also connect to and virtualize external storage systems from all major vendors. All HDS VSP models support up to 255 PB of internal and external combined storage when used in a SAN.

The VSP G1000 uses a hierarchical star network architecture and has an aggregate bandwidth of 896 Gbps.

The VSP G1000 uses a hierarchical star network architecture and has an aggregate bandwidth of 896 Gbps. Its controller has up to 16 Virtual Storage Directors (VSDs) and up to 64 cache modules in 16 GB or 32 GB configurations, for a maximum capacity of 2.048 TB of cache. Its controller memory can have 32 boards of 8 GB modules for a maximum capacity of 256 GB. The array can have 192 Fibre Channel (FC) ports, and up to 176 FC over Ethernet ports. It also supports 176 Fibre Connection ports, and supports 255 virtual ports for every physical port.

The VSP G1000 also supports multiple operating systems, including HP-UX, Tru64 Unix, OpenVMS, Microsoft Windows, Red Hat and SUSE Linux, Oracle Solaris and VMware. The unit has a redundant architecture for high availability, and is intended to provide 100% data availability.

The HNAS is the VSP G1000 platform model for file-level storage. It stands three rack units high per node, with up to 8 nodes per cluster. It can hold 32 PB of storage, with up to 256 TB file system pools. It supports 1,024 snapshots per file system and up to 1 million clones. The HNAS 4060 and 4080 models have 46 GB cache per node, while the HNAS 4100 has 108 GB. It has four 8 Gbps FC ports per node, and four 10 Gbps Ethernet ports per node for file sharing.

Hitachi does not publish pricing for the VSP, but based on equivalent price points for similar products, it starts at approximately $150,000 for a primary controller chassis and a pair of VSDs. Hitachi has a 24/7 support line, as well as a support portal containing use cases, technical bulletins and other documentation.

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