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Fujitsu Storage Eternus DX8700 S3 storage array platform

The Fujitsu Storage Eternus DX8700 S3 SAN array offers a number of features to help organizations manage large amounts of storage.

The Fujitsu Storage Eternus DX8700 S3 is a large enterprise SAN array for highly virtualized environments. It has a modular architecture that allows users to add components as requirements increase.

The DX8700 S3 array supports up to 64 drive enclosures, fitting a maximum of 1,536 hard disk drives (HDDs). It has a maximum storage capacity of 4.608 petabytes (PB). The unit supports 2.5-inch SAS HDDs in capacities of 300 GB, 400 GB, 600 GB, 800 GB, 900 GB, 1.2 TB and 1.6 TB. In addition, the Fujitsu Storage Eternus DX8700 S3 supports 3.5-inch near-line SAS HDDs in capacities of 2 TB, 4 TB and 6 TB. It can fit 3.5-inch solid-state drives in capacities of 400 GB, 800 GB and 1.6 TB. The unit has up to 1.024 TB of cache memory.

The Eternus DX8700 S3 supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 1+0, RAID+5, RAID 5 0 and RAID 6.

The Fujitsu Storage Eternus array's main drive interface is 6 Gbps SAS. Multiple external host interfaces -- such as 16 Gbps Fibre Channel (FC), 10 Gbps Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) and RAID 1 Gbps/10 Gbps iSCSI -- are also supported. The unit can have up to 128 FC ports or 64 iSCSI/FCoE ports, connect to up to 8,192 hosts and support up to eight controllers.

The Eternus DX8700 S3 supports RAID 0, 1, RAID 1+0, RAID 5, RAID 5+0 and RAID 6. Features include thin provisioning and automated storage tiering to automatically move data between arrays for better performance and storage management. The array supports remote replication and has a data safety feature that uses self-encrypting drives. It also uses a non-RAID array called massive array of idle disks, which saves power by spinning down disks that are not in active use. Fujitsu's Eternus SF storage management software is included. The size of the array depends on the number of drive or controller enclosures added.

Vendor pricing for the Fujitsu Storage Eternus DX8700 S3 is not published and varies based on the configuration chosen. A fully configured offering will likely cost approximately $200,000. In addition, software license prices for the Eternus DX8700 S3 depend on the number of controllers used, and customers can add controllers at any time. The array comes with a global base three-year warranty. Fujitsu offers a series of support packs, including 24/7 support with a four-hour on-site response time, 9-5 support with a four-hour on-site response time and 9-5 support with next business day on-site response time.

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