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Dell EqualLogic PS6210S enterprise flash array

The Dell EqualLogic PS6210S is a flash array designed for small and medium businesses. It uses a virtualized and modular architecture.

Dell EqualLogic PS6210S is a flash array designed for small to medium enterprises that is based on a virtualized and modular architecture. PS6210S is optimized for tasks, including faster networking technology, server virtualization, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), online transaction processing (OLTP), database and large block sequential workloads, and other high IOPS needs.

PS6210S has 2 GB per second throughput and up to 19.2 TB of capacity per array. The storage array closely integrates with common applications, including VMware, SQL and Microsoft Exchange. Because PS6210S is modular, administrators can add storage as necessary.

Dell EqualLogic PS6210S can sense network connections thanks to built-in storage area network (SAN) configuration features and tools. The array can check the network's health status and can automatically build RAID sets.

PS6210S has 2 GB per second throughput and up to 19.2 TB of capacity per array.

PS6210S is compatible with the following operating systems: Windows Servers -- including Hyper-V -- VMware ESX, RHEL, SUES Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux and Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Mac OSX, Citrix XenServer and Novell NetWare.

Dell EqualLogic PS6210S is powered by EqualLogic Software 7.0, which has a number of virtual storage and data protection features built in:

  • Access control policies -- These can be used to streamline volume management for virtual or server clusters.
  • Updated GUI -- A search feature is built-in.
  • Storage update manager -- This is a guided management tool for upgrades.
  • Extended functionality -- The software will work with host operating systems, hypervisors and applications.

PS6210S is available for purchase or lease from Dell.

Dell offers a variety of support options, including ProSupport Plus for Enterprise, which includes a dedicated technical account manager, remote monitoring, monthly health checks and optional Next Business Day, or two-hour or four-hour parts and labor responses; ProSupport Flex for Data Center, which offers a dedicated technical account manager, dedicated tech/field support, training, custom pricing and enterprise-wide support of Dell and non-Dell products; and Dell ProSupport, which includes 24/7 support, remote and on-site support with four and eight hour parts/response times, remote monitoring, and emergency parts and labor response to Severity Level 1 disasters.

Dell also offers SupportAssist, which is built in to EqualLogic SAN HQ, and can be used for remote management and support of PS6210S.

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