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Deciphering the Big Data storage buzz

Gain an understanding of Big Data storage and find out what SearchStorage.com editors, analysts and users are saying about the buzz phrase.

Big Data storage is a term that refers to an organization’s massive amount of unstructured and semi-structured data. The phrase has attracted a significant amount of buzz in the data storage industry, and was a key focus of EMC World Las Vegas 2011. In this SearchStorage.com Special Report, learn the nitty-gritty about Big Data analytics and listen to Senior News Director Dave Raffo’s podcast. Then watch Senior Editor Andrew Burton’s video interviews with analysts and users tackling Big Data issues.

Understanding Big Data analytics

An important factor in understanding Big Data is grasping the notion of Big Data analytics -- the way in which companies analyze and utilize the vast amount of data they're storing. In this technical article, expert John Webster breaks down the characteristics common to the technologies identified with Big Data analytics. In addition, he outlines the four major developmental segments that can be found within Big Data analytics. Read the feature on Big Data analytics.

Big Data: Senior News Director Dave Raffo’s take

What does Big Data really mean? In this SearchStorage.com podcast, Senior News Director Dave Raffo discusses the topic of Big Data with Executive Editor Ellen O’Brien. As an EMC World reporter, Raffo shares what he’s hearing about Big Data from industry contacts, and names the biggest players in the Big Data market. Listen to this podcast with Dave Raffo on EMC Big Data.

EMC Big Data: On camera with experts, users

At EMC World Las Vegas 2011, one of the major focuses of the conference was the strategy around EMC Big Data. Andrew Burton, Senior Editor with the Storage Media Group, spoke with storage professionals and industry analysts about the details surrounding Big Data and Big Data analytics. Burton also spoke on camera with a number of attendees who deal with Big Data on a regular basis in their industries. Watch the video on EMC Big Data.

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