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DataCore SANsymphony-V Adaptive Parallel I/O software

DataCore SANsymphony-V Adaptive Parallel I/O software can process storage requests faster and accelerate an application’s ability to read and write to storage.

Gold winner in the Storage magazine/ 2015 Products of the Year Storage System Software category.

After third-place finishes in 2010 and 2013, DataCore SANsymphony-V Adaptive Parallel I/O software finally broke through to win the gold award in the Storage Product of the Year competition.

The DataCore SANsymphony-V storage software lets multicore servers use the processing power of all available cores to execute and schedule multiple I/O threads to eliminate bottlenecks, boost application performance, and facilitate the consolidation of virtual machines (VMs), application workloads and physical servers.

"Many have tried to address the performance problem at the device level by adding solid-state storage (flash) to meet the increasing demands of enterprise applications or by hard-wiring these fast devices to VMs in hyper-converged systems. However, improving the performance of the storage media -- which replacing spinning disks with flash attempts to do -- only addresses one aspect of the I/O stack: read performance," said George Teixeira, CEO and co-founder of DataCore, in a company white paper.

DataCore SANsymphony-V Adaptive Parallel I/O software can enable the processing of more data storage requests in a given time frame and accelerate an application's ability to both read and write to storage. The I/O requests would otherwise be waiting in line to get serviced.

Our judging panel rated DataCore's Adaptive Parallel I/O first in performance among the 13 finalists in the Storage System Software category. The product also tied for first place in innovation and value, and ranked second in functionality.

One judge said there is nothing else like DataCore's Adaptive Parallel I/O on the market, and he called the software "potentially revolutionary." Another judge noted that most software-defined storage products, or storage virtualization, are not capable of parallel I/O.

DataCore SANsymphony-V Adaptive Parallel I/O

"More people ought to be evaluating SANsymphony," said one judge.

The Adaptive Parallel I/O software is an upgrade to the DataCore SANsymphony-V10 storage virtualization product, which can pool capacity across heterogeneous storage hardware and provide storage management capabilities. The DataCore SANsymphony-V software can run on standard x86 servers. Pricing starts at less than $5,000 per node.

One judge cautioned that the DataCore software is designed for storage in Microsoft Windows Server environments. He said DataCore needs a Linux version.

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