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Data storage best practices: Jon Toigo’s top 5 storage efficiency tips

Watch these five storage best practices video clips from expert Jon Toigo and read his tips to achieve efficiency in your storage environment.

In this five-part video tip series, contributor and veteran storage industry expert Jon Toigo...

delves into data storage practices for achieving a cost-effective and efficient storage operation.

Toigo's data storage best practices focus on the areas of capacity allocation, capacity utilization, data protection, green IT and storage performance strategies. Check out each of the links below to get all the information you'll need to keep your storage infrastructure running smoothly.

Allocation efficiency strategies prevent storage-related downtime

Jon Toigo's Storage Efficiency Series Tip 1Capacity allocation is an important measure of how well disks in a given array are provisioned. Toigo’s objective in this tip is simple: to help you avoid storage-related downtime or, even worse, a career-threatening “disk full” error message. Watch this allocating disk capacity video tip.                                                                                              

Optimize capacity utilization to increase disk space and lower costs

Jon Toigo's Storage Efficiency Series Tip 2To optimize capacity utilization, storage maintenance needs to be a priority. Infrequently used data can weigh performance down and take up valuable space. Part of the solution is choosing the right data storage media for different types of information, and determining the best practices for data archiving and storage resource management. This video on optimizing capacity utilization offers sage advice.

How to establish guidelines for protecting data in your care

Jon Toigo's Storage Efficiency Series Tip 3 With data protection responsibilities increasingly falling on storage administrators' shoulders, it can be difficult to come up with a strategy that satisfies management’s cost expectations while ensuring data is as safe as possible. Toigo provides five data storage best practices for achieving both of these goals. Watch this efficient data protection video to get more advice on the subject.

Green technologies maintain uptime and control energy costs

Jon Toigo's Storage Efficiency Series Tip 4"Green IT" has been a data storage industry buzzword for a few years now, but that's part of the problem: many users fail to find real meaning in the term. But the skyrocketing price of energy means power efficiency can no longer be overlooked. This video clip on green data storage technology explores the topic in more depth, and offers Toigo's recommendations on evaluating vendor solutions and internal efforts to reduce costs.

Check your performance acceleration expectations at the door

Jon Toigo's Storage Efficiency Series Tip 5When it comes to efficiency strategies in the data center, management expects to hear good things from users once a project has been completed. Unfortunately, users typically evaluate performance using I/O speed as a benchmark (not always the best measurement), which can result in an unbalanced workload across your entire IT infrastructure. Avoid these problems by viewing Toigo's storage performance metrics video.

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