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Cloudian HyperStore 7

New multi-cloud capabilities vault object storage specialist Cloudian to first place with its HyperStore product. Judges were particularly impressed with its functionality.

Gold winner in Storage magazine and SearchStorage's 2018 Products of the Year software-defined and cloud storage category.

New multi-cloud management capabilities helped Cloudian HyperStore 7 take the top spot in the 2018 competition.

The object storage specialist received the highest score in functionality among the 11 software-defined and cloud storage finalists. The judging panel also ranked HyperStore 7 in the top three in innovation; value; and ease of integration, use and manageability.

Judges said the HyperStore 7 software represents a solid upgrade in the burgeoning multi-cloud and hybrid cloud storage space. One judge cited the product's strength in collaboration and geographically dispersed operations as being especially helpful in the media and entertainment industry.

Cloudian HyperStore is based on the open source Apache Cassandra distributed database and runs on industry standard servers. The software pools storage resources and enables customers to manage the clustered nodes from a single web-based console.

HyperStore enables access to cloud storage through a single Amazon S3 API and global namespace so that customers can store, manage and search their data across locations through a common tool set.

Cloudian stores file and object data in the native format of the public cloud, so cloud-based applications can directly access the data in the cloud without having to go through the HyperStore 7 platform.

Cloudian HyperStore also adds support for flexible erasure coding schemes for data protection and disaster recovery across sites. It also includes write-once, read-many capabilities to enable immutable storage to help customers with compliance requirements and protect against ransomware threats.

The minimum HyperStore configuration is three nodes, and performance scales with the addition of servers. Cloudian claimed a 32-node system could deliver about 15 GBps for reads/writes.

A Cloudian HyperStore 7 software license sells for under $20,000 per year with 100 TB of usable capacity and support. HyperStore includes a no-charge software license for the HyperFile Basic NAS controller to enable SMB and NFS file support. Cloudian introduced HyperStore in 2011.

Cloudian hyperstore storage policies
The Cloudian HyperStore Storage Policies screen enables customers to set data protection levels and replication across data centers.

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What use cases is HyperStore software best suited for and why?
We are best known for storing large amounts of Tier 2, 3, and 4 data "cold" data. Best use cases are active archival repositories and video surveillance (cameras and bodycams). Hope that helps!
Well, Cloudian HyperStore certainly deserves being recognized as one of the most complete object storage environments whether it is deployed privately on-premises or as a public storage provider service. It is also one of the easiest object storage clusters to get running. HyperStore is well-documented and expertly supported by Cloudian. The leadership team at Cloudian is dedicated to doing object storage right. Glad to see they were singled out for this award.