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Find out what other storage professionals are being paid in this year's salary survey.

Storage professional profile (continued from page 7)

Two hundred and eighty-nine storage professionals responded to the fourth edition of Storage magazine's Storage Salary Survey. Some interesting facts gleaned from the 2006 survey:

  • 25% have more than six years of dedicated storage experience
  • 77% say their primary responsibilities are related to one or more of their company's data centers
  • 41% manage 10 TB to 99 TB of storage; more than 33% manage 100 TB or more
  • 70% have more than 10 years of IT experience
  • 28% manage budgets in excess of $1 million

    Respondents spend 32% of their time on storage-related activities. Of that

  • 22% of their time is spent on primary operations
  • 13% of their time is spent on maintenance
  • 22% of their time is spent on backup
  • 23% of their time is spent on architecture/planning/design
  • 54% are college graduates;
  • 14% have advanced college degrees

About the survey
The data used in this report was gathered through an e-mail survey conducted in August 2006. The survey was sent to a sampling of Storage subscribers and yielded 289 valid responses. Telephone interviews were conducted with selected respondents and others who manage storage.

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