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Arun Taneja will contribute a monthly blog, as well as a number of webcasts, to Taneja is also featured as one of our "Ask the Experts" writers. Here's his most recent blog entry:


  NEW!  Next-generation data protection, iSCSI and storage virtualization on the rise in '07
The year 2007 will be a year of fruition in the storage world. Let me explain what I mean by that. Continue with Next-generation data protection>>

  Why don't we have clustered FC block storage?
I find it weird that the industry has made such serious strides toward incorporating clustering concepts in both file-based storage and IP-based storage, but not Fibre Channel storage. Continue with Why don't we have clustered FC block storage?>>

  Got insanity? Meet cross-domain correlation engines
The enterprise IT infrastructure is getting so complex these days that when a device does fail, and fail they do, it is often a guessing game to figure out what failed, let alone why it failed. Of course, all smart IT managers are building their infrastructures with copious amounts of redundancy, starting with power supplies, fans, RAID controllers and then adding dual HBAs and storage attached network switches to eliminate any single points of failure. Continue with cross-domain correlation engines>>

  Don't overlook Amanda for your storage data protection needs (31 July 2006)
Chances are, you have never heard of Amanda… in the sense of open source that is. And if you have not heard of Amanda, then chances are you have not heard of Zmanda either. I will explain both, and I will give you my view of why it is important for you to at least be aware of these products and their relation to data protection. Whether you should invest in either depends on many factors that will become clear shortly. More on storage protection needs >>

  Remote offices: Keep them working well and keep them safe (19 June 2006)
Pretty much since the birth of computers, remote offices have been a pain in the butt for IT. Before the client/server style of computing became a standard, the mainframes did all the crunching at the data center and presented the results on a terminal. If that terminal happened to be in the HQ, one got a response in a reasonable amount of time. If one happened to be far away, then you got what you got. More on remote offices >>

  How do you keep 20 pounds of data in a one-pound storage box? (24 April 2006)
Incoming data rates -- already creating havoc inside IT shops and making mockery out of their budgets -- are only getting worse. Most IT folks I talk to are seeing data almost double every year, with unstructured and semi-structured data in the lead. Granted, the cost per megabyte of primary storage has been falling precipitously, thanks in part to the existence of SATA drives, and this is certainly holding the cost increases in check. But the costs of storage management, which are proportional to the amount of data being managed, are still out of control. More on data in a storage box >>

  It's time for change: Show us the data! (13 March 2006)
Vendors use the SPEC benchmark for demonstrating the performance of their NAS boxes, but play around with the numbers in order to make them look better. Arun Taneja suggests that these vendors instead associate a list price for this configuration, allowing the users to compute a price/performance ratio.

  Get ready for universal grid storage (10 Feb 2006).
Storage analyst Arun Taneja discusses the storage industry's move towards grid storage, and the benefits it can deliver to IT.

  Storage in 2006: Small steps and big leaps (hopefully) (13 Jan 2006)
Can 2006 bring bigger and better things for storage than 2005? Storage analyst Arun Taneja shares his thoughts on what's to happen in the world of storage, storage vendors and their products this year.

  Knowing the myths of iSCSI (29 Nov 2005)
The myth of iSCSI is that it is inherently easy to use, simply because it is based on TCP/IP. The reality, however, is that all the iSCSI offerings from legacy vendors are easy to use (or not) as their FC counterparts.

  Merger mania: How you can help the small storage companies (12 Oct 2005)
After a lull of almost four years, merger mania is returning to the storage industry and the valuations are getting heady.

  Not all SATA is alike (09 Sep 2005)
People want to believe that all SATA is created equal, but this is a potentially risky misconception. Storage expert Arun Taneja outlines the minimum level of functionality you should look for in SATA-based systems.

  Wake up, smell the disk, and discover CO technologies (28 Jun 2005)
While the world of IT has accepted the use of tape, it's time that they introduce themselves to the world of capacity optimization (CO).

  Use compliance as a technology driver (12 May 2005)
Compliance regulations are a great way to convince your higher-ups to invest in new technology. Finally, something to thank Enron for.

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Articles and webcasts

  The scoop on FibreSpy: Emulex's FibreSpy technology allows storage companies to plug in more drives or connect other devices to the array, pushing the growth of modular storage.
  Next Generation Backup and Recovery: Acting on the Future - Vendor Webcast: Disk-based backup promises much faster restores & backups. The Taneja Group, an analyst firm, confirms this shift in a new survey. Hear Arun Taneja discuss how data protection strategies will evolve and how IT leaders are responding.
  Analyze that: Microsoft: Curious about what Microsoft has up its storage sleeve? Founder and consulting analyst Arun Taneja of the Taneja Group dissects Microsoft and tells us why other storage vendors should pay careful attention to what the folks in Redmond are up to.

About Arun Taneja:
Arun Taneja, Founder and Consulting Analyst of the Taneja Group in Hopkinton, Mass., writes columns and answers questions about data management and related topics.

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