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Special Edition, April 2019

Hybrid cloud-first strategy solves public cloud, on-premises riddle

Multi-cloud IT environments are the new normal. According to research from my company, Enterprise Strategy Group, 81% of IaaS users have more than one cloud service provider. As a result, businesses have more choices when deploying new workloads. The public cloud is a compelling infrastructure option that offers multiple alternatives from which to choose. With so many public cloud choices, IT organizations are developing new strategies on how and where to deploy new workloads. With public cloud adoption increasing, one particular workload deployment has also seen an increase: a cloud-first strategy. The basic premise of a cloud-first approach is that all new workloads are deployed on public cloud infrastructure unless there is a compelling reason to keep the workload on premises. Frequently, these strategies are driven from a company's executive-level and have some sound rationale behind them. Firms often approach the public cloud from a state where all existing applications are deployed on premises in the data center. In this ...

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