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November 2019, Vol. 17, No. 12

Will replication help spur adoption of VMware vVOLs?

VMware Virtual Volumes -- now known as VMware vVOLs -- are making a comeback, even if they never completely went away. Virtual Volumes were a hot topic in virtual machine storage five years ago, when VMware and storage vendors introduced them as a simpler way to manage storage attached to VMs. VSphere administrators and storage managers greeted the concept warmly. The premise behind VMware vVOLs was that they would virtualize SAN and NAS devices by abstracting hardware resources into vVOLs data stores for easier consumption and configuration. Managers would no longer have to turn to LUNs and NAS mount points to provision storage. But implementation fell through the cracks, as neither storage array vendors nor VMware followed through forcefully. VMware turned its storage focus to vSAN hyper-convergence, another way to administer storage for VMs without dealing with legacy SAN and NAS processes. Now vVOLs have been dusted off, in what some VMware people refer to as a "relaunch." There were 10 vVOLs sessions at VMworld 2019, the ...

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