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Vol. 7 No. 2 April 2008

Quality Awards III: Compellent shakes up midrange array field

Relative newcomers Compellent Technologies and EqualLogic snared the top two spots in this year's Quality Awards for midrange arrays. The midrange array category for the Diogenes Labs–Storage magazine Quality Awards appears to be fertile turf for underdogs. In the competition's first year, StorageTek (now Sun Microsystems Inc.) was the surprise winner. In the last survey, EqualLogic (now owned by Dell Inc.) topped the field. No "big name" array vendor has yet to win this category, and the tradition continues with Compellent Technologies Inc.'s Storage Center winning top honors. Like EqualLogic before it, this is Compellent's first time as a finalist for this award, and its 7.02 overall score narrowly edged out EqualLogic's 7.00 rating (on a 1.0-8.0 scale where 8.0 is the most favorable score). EqualLogic's high rating is a big boost to Dell, whose CX line once again rated last out of nine finalists. Sun fell from second to sixth place this year, while Hewlett-Packard (HP) Co. slipped from third to fifth. Hitachi Data Systems ...

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Features in this issue

  • Is iSCSI good enough?

    by  Deni Connor

    Organizations of all sizes have adopted iSCSI because it's easy to install, inexpensive, behaves just like Ethernet and doesn't require specialized skill sets like Fibre Channel does. But do analyst claims that iSCSI performance falls short of that for Fiber Channel hold up?

  • Survey: Fibre Channel rules planned purchases

  • Automate application recovery

    by  Eric Burgener

    Today's application continuity computing (ACC) products are best suited for small- and medium-sized businesses, and are focused exclusively on Exchange, which most companies now consider a business-critical application. But the concentration on Exchange will likely change over the next few years, as several ACC vendors plan support for SQL Server and SharePoint in the future.

Columns in this issue

  • Best Practices: High hopes for thin provisioning

    Thin provisioning is a promising way to address allocation and performance. One of the biggest challenges when using the technology is knowing where your data lives, and whether it can be tracked or recovered if there's a catastrophic component failure.

  • Storage Bin 2.0: Winds of change push storage into a new era

    The transactional computing era is over. The Internet computing era is dragging data into the "cloud," and this new era will rain more files--and bigger files--down on you than you can ever imagine.