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Vol. 3 No. 3 May 2004

The best way to move data

Data migration checklist Before starting any type of data migration, follow these steps to ensure a successful migration: PRE-MIGRATION Determine the classes of storage that will be used in your environment. Identify which data belongs on which class of storage. Run an analyzer to determine how many files will be migrated and how long it will take. How many volumes need to be migrated? How large are the volumes? Do they need to be grouped? If so, how many need to be migrated together? How much time is available to complete the migration? Is the hardware configured correctly? Are there sufficient resources available in the server (host-based)? Verify that the high-availability options in place on the source arrays are also in place on the target arrays. Is sufficient network bandwidth available? Has all of the needed software been identified, purchased and licensed? Does all of the data need to be migrated at once, or can it be staggered? MIGRATION Monitor and adjust performance and migration rate. Monitor application performance...

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Features in this issue

  • Mobile Drives, Portable Backups

    Do mobile disk drives have a future in disk-based backup?

  • Bridging SAN islands

    To help ensure that a change made to one part of the SAN doesn't interfere with the entire storage network, some new products claim to have developed a new switch-based intelligence that segregates the SAN and protects SAN data.

  • WAN Links gain speed

    Can't get past the cost of doing high-speed remote replication? Latency problems driving you nuts? New TCIP/IP accelerators for IP storage promise some relief.

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