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Vol. 3 No. 3 May 2004

Mainframe Storage on the Cheap

On what other planet is $100/GB for disk a bargain? The mainframe world, of course! To great fanfare last month, IBM introduced its "Baby Shark," the Enterprise Storage Server 750, which when purchased with IBM's new zSeries 890 mainframe, starts at a mere $100,000 for 1.1TB. Compare that to pricing for an ESS 800, and $100/GB is nothing, according to Brian Truskowski, general manager of storage software for IBM's systems group. Pricing for ESS 800 can cost three times that. Other mainframe disk vendors concur with IBM's pricing. Hu Yoshida, vice president and CTO for Hitachi Data Systems, says $100/GB (or .$10 per MB, if you prefer), is standard for mainframe disk. In contrast, pricing for open- systems storage costs significantly less than that. Bob Zimmerman, principal analyst with Forrester Research, for example, is seeing bids for high-end Fibre Channel storage such as EMC's CX700 or IBM's FAStT900 between $30/GB to $60/GB. SCSI-connected ATA-based RAID storage, meanwhile, can be purchased for under $3/GB: Nexsan's ATAbaby ...

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Features in this issue

  • Mobile Drives, Portable Backups

    Do mobile disk drives have a future in disk-based backup?

  • Bridging SAN islands

    To help ensure that a change made to one part of the SAN doesn't interfere with the entire storage network, some new products claim to have developed a new switch-based intelligence that segregates the SAN and protects SAN data.

  • WAN Links gain speed

    Can't get past the cost of doing high-speed remote replication? Latency problems driving you nuts? New TCIP/IP accelerators for IP storage promise some relief.

Columns in this issue