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Vol. 7 No. 10 December 2008

Users' advice for virtual server backups

at the vmworld virtualization conference in Las Vegas this past September, Symantec surveyed randomly selected conference goers about how they back up VMware servers. Only 127 people were interviewed, a sampling too small, says Sean Derrington, Symantec's director, storage and availability management group, for the results to be statistically valid. But anecdotally the survey revealed some interesting information. Forty-one percent of respondents use two or more backup solutions to protect their servers. "In virtualized environments, we commonly see customers using image-level backups to protect their system data, and file-level backups to protect their application and user data," says Jon Bock, senior product marketing manager at VMware. Bock adds that many customers augment existing backup tools with ones optimized for virtual environments--"tools that use VMware Consolidated Backup, tools that understand how to restore virtual machines directly to a virtualized server, and tools that understand that a virtual machine isn't ...

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Features in this issue

  • LTO-4 gains favor among tape drive buyers

  • How your SAN will evolve

    We asked storage vendors, industry analysts and technologists serving on storage industry associations about where they saw the SAN heading. There may not be sweeping architectural changes in five years, but there will be changes in the basic building blocks of the SAN infrastructure: networks and protocols; switches; storage arrays, disks and controllers; and SAN management.

  • "I second that VMotion," say replication vendors

    Replication vendors are finding new avenues for their technology by leveraging VMware's VMotion technology.

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