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Vol. 7 No. 10 December 2008

Storage wishes for 2009: Editorial

Storage wishes for 2009 i don't usually go for end-of-the-year stuff--you know, looking back on the past year fondly (or forlornly) and mapping out plans for the new one. But I admit it's only natural to look back to see the progress we've made. It's also nice to think we can learn from recent history so we'll be better prepared for the future. This issue of Storage is all about analyzing what we've learned and, based on that data, building a set of reasonable expectations for the months ahead. In that spirit, here's my storage wishlist for 2009. It's a mix of hopefulness, some gentle chiding and a last chance to rant before we close the books on 2008. Green gimmickry. It was a great year for green; well, at least it was a great year for starting green consortiums. For a while, they were springing up like daffodils in April: The Green Grid, SNIA's Green Storage Initiative, Climate Savers Computing Initiative and the list goes on. For most vendors, going green meant hooking up with one or more of these industry clubs and then ...

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Features in this issue

  • LTO-4 gains favor among tape drive buyers

  • How your SAN will evolve

    We asked storage vendors, industry analysts and technologists serving on storage industry associations about where they saw the SAN heading. There may not be sweeping architectural changes in five years, but there will be changes in the basic building blocks of the SAN infrastructure: networks and protocols; switches; storage arrays, disks and controllers; and SAN management.

  • "I second that VMotion," say replication vendors

    Replication vendors are finding new avenues for their technology by leveraging VMware's VMotion technology.

Columns in this issue