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Vol. 7 No. 10 December 2008

GUIs are nice, but don't overlook command-line interfaces: BEST PRACTICES

They may not be as slick as GUIs, but CLIs are powerful and flexible tools for managing storage. command-line interfaces (CLIs) are often considered a necessary evil in a lot of storage management environments. But it's not surprising to find storage teams using GUI tools for end-to-end management of their environment. When asked about the use of CLI, those same users often refer to it as a complex, counterproductive interface best left to the "pros who need it." Thanks to the advance of Java and faster computers, there seems to be a natural gravitation toward the use of GUI or Web-based tools to manage storage and SAN devices. It's easier to like something that has pretty pictures than something that's mundane, tedious and, even worse, requires opening a command-line window. But administrators aren't doing themselves any favors by distancing themselves from CLIs. When you examine the potential benefits CLI tools offer, they quickly become compelling. While command-line tools may have their roots in Unix environments, they've ...

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Features in this issue

  • LTO-4 gains favor among tape drive buyers

  • How your SAN will evolve

    We asked storage vendors, industry analysts and technologists serving on storage industry associations about where they saw the SAN heading. There may not be sweeping architectural changes in five years, but there will be changes in the basic building blocks of the SAN infrastructure: networks and protocols; switches; storage arrays, disks and controllers; and SAN management.

  • "I second that VMotion," say replication vendors

    Replication vendors are finding new avenues for their technology by leveraging VMware's VMotion technology.

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