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  • The right way to provision storage

    Provisioning storage is still mostly a manual job, but solid planning, including the right interested parties and some improved tools, can help ease the chore. Follow these provisioning best practices to gain greater performance and higher disk utilization.

  • Long-term archiving

    With some legislative requirements mandating data be kept for as long as 70 years, your organization needs an archiving plan that defines what data needs to be kept and why. But don't overlook how you'll restore old data when it needs to be accessed.

  • How to manage encryption keys

    Encryption is an effective way to secure data. But managing encryption keys can be a major undertaking. While there are no encompassing key management tools available yet, some apps can help you keep track of proliferating encryption keys.

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  • Untangling the encryption chain

    by  Stephen Foskett

    In many companies, data that should be safeguarded against loss or theft isn't getting encrypted. The main reason why so many storage managers are shying away from encryption is that they don't understand how it functions within the storage infrastructure.

  • Outsourcing email archiving: the pros and cons

    Outsourcing your e-mail archiving is a good alternative if you want to avoid the hassle of implementing archiving yourself. But right now, service providers are falling short and need to expand their product portfolios to meet user demands.