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Vol. 5 No. 8 October 2006

Instant messaging shouldn't strain storage

Instant messaging (IM) may seem unruly and troublesome compared to e-mail because it's most commonly downloaded on-the-fly by users, and often without any awareness on the part of IT. But controlling IM shouldn't give storage managers much reason to worry, as the integration of e-mail and IM archiving should result in minimal backup impact. "This has been a very disruptive technology; it's been back-doored into the enterprise," says Christopher Dean, senior VP of business development at FaceTime Communications, Foster City, CA, a vendor that offers security products for IM, file sharing and Web conferencing. Most interesting, adds Dean, is that only a very small percentage of enterprises have been able to form retention, auditing and storage policies for IM. Nevertheless, IM usage should have little effect on storage. That's largely because e-mail archive and IM security vendors are tying their products together, a trend sparked in 2003 with a clarification in financial laws mandating that companies retain both e-mail and IM ...

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  • Survey Says: Users name their 10GbE price

  • The right way to provision storage

    Provisioning storage is still mostly a manual job, but solid planning, including the right interested parties and some improved tools, can help ease the chore. Follow these provisioning best practices to gain greater performance and higher disk utilization.

  • Long-term archiving

    With some legislative requirements mandating data be kept for as long as 70 years, your organization needs an archiving plan that defines what data needs to be kept and why. But don't overlook how you'll restore old data when it needs to be accessed.

  • How to manage encryption keys

    Encryption is an effective way to secure data. But managing encryption keys can be a major undertaking. While there are no encompassing key management tools available yet, some apps can help you keep track of proliferating encryption keys.

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