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Vol. 5 No. 8 October 2006

A whole new ballgame?

A whole new ballgame? As you read this, a great American tradition is taking place as the best of both baseball leagues duke it out in the annual "fall classic." At the same time, on playing fields (that look suspiciously like data centers) across the country, another age-old rite is enduring as storage vendors square off and try to bash the daylights out of each other. Just like ball clubs that reach into the minor leagues for fresh bats and arms, storage vendors are letting loose their speeds 'n feeds spiels, brushing back the competition with borderline pitches and padding their lineups with new products. But in the storage big leagues, this isn't the culmination of a long season, it's only the beginning. Just when it looked like EMC was going to run away from the competition, all of a sudden it looks like a race again. EMC must be looking over its shoulder at a revitalized Hewlett-Packard (HP), which once again looms as a serious contender. It's an impressive turnaround for HP, but it needs to keep an eye on the rest of the ...

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  • Survey Says: Users name their 10GbE price

  • The right way to provision storage

    Provisioning storage is still mostly a manual job, but solid planning, including the right interested parties and some improved tools, can help ease the chore. Follow these provisioning best practices to gain greater performance and higher disk utilization.

  • Long-term archiving

    With some legislative requirements mandating data be kept for as long as 70 years, your organization needs an archiving plan that defines what data needs to be kept and why. But don't overlook how you'll restore old data when it needs to be accessed.

  • How to manage encryption keys

    Encryption is an effective way to secure data. But managing encryption keys can be a major undertaking. While there are no encompassing key management tools available yet, some apps can help you keep track of proliferating encryption keys.

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