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Vol. 5 No. 7 September 2006

The wide world of tech support

In the course of my work, I talk to many storage managers and administrators. I hear numerous stories about how big and small companies are coping with such pressing issues as storage growth, regulatory compliance, backup blues and just about anything else that touches a storage environment. Invariably, the conversations roll around to technical support. The impression I've gotten is that technical support varies wildly and has had a profound, polarizing effect on storage professionals--you either love it or hate it. Sometimes, a company gets superior support because it's pitching tons of dough into the coffers of a single storage vendor that shows its gratitude by deferring to the customer's needs. That is to be expected. But some companies with more modest investments also report positive support experiences. Not-so-big spenders may have lucked out by being in a region where the vendor's presence is particularly strong, or maybe they're sophisticated users who can solve most of their own problems. Or perhaps, as one user told ...

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Features in this issue

  • Tricky backup for SharePoint

  • CDP: Look before you leap

    Some pundits have postulated that continuous data protection (CDP) will replace backup. But is that just new technology hyperbole or is CDP a must-have technology?

  • Backup-to-disk performance tuning

    Disk-based backup can lower costs, reduce complexity and add scalability. But to achieve top performance, you'll need to do lots of benchmarking and watch for poorly configured production storage.

Columns in this issue

  • Backup best practices are always evolving

    Some new advances in backup, such as virtual tape libraries, represent evolutionary enhancements to the traditional backup process, while others like continuous data protection and single-instance storage are potentially far more transformational.

  • 10 points to consider before deploying an e-mail archive

    Selecting an e-mail archiving application based solely on features and functions may result in unexpected administration costs. Consider these 10 points before deploying an e-mail archiver.

  • Some small tech upstarts might play big roles

    Storage Bin: The big storage vendors are always trying to steal a piece of each other's pie. But some small tech upstarts might play big parts in determining who comes out on top.