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January 2016 Vol. 14 No. 11

Companies use caution with cloud file sync and share

With all this talk about BYOD and mobile and the cloud, you'd think that everybody is hooked into one of the many cloud file sync-and-share services, but our survey paints a different picture. While a healthy 43% say their companies are currently using some form of cloud file sync and share, more than half are still sitting on the sync-and-share sidelines. That's probably not all that surprising given the widespread trepidation about shadow IT services that users tap into with the knowledge -- or control -- of IT departments. That might also explain why a third of companies using cloud file sync-and-share services now are using systems that are internally installed. Those companies have undoubtedly decided that it's better to provide a service that they can control rather than wondering where all that corporate data has wandered off to. Companies preparing to take the leap into cloud file sync and share also seem to be cautious. Of the 19% who reported that their companies will institute sync and share sometime in the coming ...

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