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Vol. 9 Num. 1 March 2010

Virtualize disaster recovery

Virtualizing storage and servers can make disaster recovery easier, more flexible and less expensive. By Eric Siebert Designing and implementing a disaster recovery (DR) infrastructure is often complicated, expensive and challenging. Virtualization technologies -- for both storage and servers -- can help reduce the expense with unique approaches that differ from traditional DR methods and can provide increased flexibility and responsiveness. Server virtualization encapsulates an entire server into a single file, which makes transporting it to other locations much easier. Storage virtualization presents multiple storage devices as a single storage resource, which helps hide some of the back-end complexities of the storage devices and network. Either of these virtualization technologies will ease the implementation of a DR plan; used together, they can provide a very effective DR strategy. For most companies, the type of DR environment they devise is typically determined by balancing the amount of money they have to spend on ...

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  • Beginning of the end for hard drives?

    Enterprise-ready solid-state storage hasn't been around for long, but 33% of our respondents have solid state running. Price is still an issue, but disk's days may be numbered.

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