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Vol. 9 Num. 1 March 2010

No more wasted tiers

With the massive amounts of data that companies are storing, intelligent tiered storage isn't a luxury -- it's quickly becoming a necessity. By Tony Asaro I was sitting in a room of approximately 20 IT professionals from about 17 different companies and we were discussing the concept of intelligent tiered storage for SAN-based storage systems. Most of the people at this session worked for large companies with literally petabytes of capacity on the floor. One of them was uncomfortable with the notion of the data storage system making its own decisions to move data to different tiers based on policies. He felt that some decisions should be made by humans. Two others in the group immediately disagreed. The "aha" moment came when one of them replied that with petabytes of data there was just no way they could make tiering decisions themselves. She said the storage system needed to be smart enough to move data based on metrics that would take people too long to analyze. She also pointed out that the problem will only get worse as ...

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  • Beginning of the end for hard drives?

    Enterprise-ready solid-state storage hasn't been around for long, but 33% of our respondents have solid state running. Price is still an issue, but disk's days may be numbered.

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