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Vol. 2 No. 12 February 2004

Is storage certification worth it?

Pros and cons of certification Pros: A vendor-neutral storage area network (SAN) certification provides a solid overview that includes SAN fundamentals, standards and knowledge about how things are supposed to work. A product- or process-oriented certification represents a quick way for an employer to know that someone has knowledge--and sometimes a specific amount of knowledge--of a particular product. Sometimes certifications make employees more valuable to their companies. Once employed, the person holding a certification could find that the designation leads to a promotion or increased compensation. Cons: A certification on a single product often pigeonholes an individual as having too narrow a skill set or understanding of a company's overall storage needs. Certifications often don't have provisions for recertification and continuing education. Some certifications don't require hands-on, operational instruction and are not an accurate measure of a person's skill. Some certifications are expensive and time-consuming to ...

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Features in this issue

  • Rein in e-mail storage

    With new government regulations and users' gigantic e-mail attachments, new approaches for storing e-mail are called for.

  • Remote DR: faster, farther and cheaper

    Post-Sept. 11, you need to consider disaster sites that are geographically distant from your main data centers. Remote replication software, IP storage and new techniques for long-term storage are changing the DR distance equation.

  • 4 Gb Fibre Channel: Everyone's On Board

    Four-gigabit Fibre Channel is a reality.

  • Is storage certification worth it?

    by  Susan J. Marks

    If you're thinking about advancing your career by becoming certified in a particular storage skill, read this article to help you decide if certification is worth your time and money.

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