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Vol. 4 No. 3 May 2005

Storage Bin: The changing role of tape

Is tape dead? No, but it isn't healthy. Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) recently completed a comprehensive research project to see just how many IT shops were considering replacing (or already replacing) some or all of their tape infrastructure with disk. Note that I said replace, not augment. The results are startling. Seventy-six percent of the respondents said they've already replaced, or will consider replacing, tape within 24 months. In fact, the mean capacity replaced by early adopters is 50TB to 99TB. Looking forward, the majority of those surveyed expect at least 40% of their current tape-based capacity will migrate to disk over the next 36 months. The organizations surveyed for this research were "big dogs"--those with more than 10TB of production data on the floor, and most were much bigger than that. While the midmarket shops certainly buy their fair share of tape devices and media, paradigm shifts such as this tend to be driven from the top down, so we started at the pinnacle to gather our information. What does it ...

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Features in this issue

  • Real-World DR

    by  Marc Staimer

    Storage administrators often ask what their peers are doing to solve DR problems. However, information of this type is usually difficult to make public. These case studies have a central theme: Increasing data levels and stricter compliance regulations are forcing companies to look to newer technologies to solve their growing DR and backup pains.

  • Build a winning storage budget

    by  Dick Benton

    This tip offers advice on taking a business-plan approach to the process of building a storage budget.

  • Virtualization at your service

    New twist on virtualization

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