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Vol. 6 No. 3 May 2007

Storage Bin: 50 years of right is now very wrong

We're hung up on an outdated computing model that makes everything tougher. We're at one of those rare, very powerful inflection points in our crazy storage universe that's so big it can't be ignored, but came so slowly that nobody seemed to notice it until now. For 50 years in commercial computing, dynamic, transactional data is what moved computing out of science labs and into the commercial world. Trillions of dollars have been spent trying to harness the power of that data and provide the infrastructure to create, store, protect, move and manipulate that information. The problem is that most data isn't transactional anymore; a huge portion of the issues in storage and throughout our infrastructure are caused by us trying to use the same systems, architectures and methodologies we're used to for data that has new requirements. Commercial computing was built on the application of technology to support business causes--to create competitive advantages by enabling users to work more efficiently. That led to greater profitability...

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Features in this issue

  • Negotiating for support

    Over a period of just a few years, the amount you spend on support contracts could equal or even exceed the price of the product itself. But storage support contracts are usually optional, and both the extent of coverage and its cost are definitely negotiable. A little hard bargaining and creativity, along with the leverage of seeking maintenance from a third-party support company, can go a long way toward knocking down your support costs.

  • More laptop backup options

  • Storage managers in control

    For the first time in five years, the amount of capacity storage managers plan to add this year dropped, according to the results of Storage magazine's latest Purchasing Intentions Survey. To be sure, the decrease was more of a sign that relief may be on the way for storage managers who have spent the last few years trying to keep up with runaway storage growth.

Columns in this issue

  • Best Practices: Protecting SharePoint data

    SharePoint's collaboration framework is gaining in popularity, but it has a number of data protection challenges that can result in significant levels of complexity rather quickly. Storage and data protection groups must work with application teams to plan an effective data protection strategy.