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February 2019, Vol. 17, No. 9

Cloud repatriation and the trend away from all things cloud

Last September, I attended an event hosted by magnetic tape media maker Fujifilm Recording Media U.S.A. I listened to several fine vendor presentations from industry smart guys who updated their slide decks with the latest roadmaps for all your favorite storage forms, including flash, disk, tape and even optical. Presenters also underscored tape's continued presence and growth, at least in terms of capacities shipped, several times. As I watched the presentations, a couple of micro-trends caught my eye: malware and ransomware and what 451 Research called "cloud repatriation" in a 2017 report. In that report, 20% of companies surveyed said cost drove them to move one or more of their workloads from public clouds to private clouds. The first trend, which I have addressed in this space before, had vendors making references to malware and ransomware as a means to sell tape or anything else, really. David Balcar, a security strategist with Carbon Black, gave a frenetic and frightening overview of the current situation, casting clouds...

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