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Vol. 7 No. 4 June 2008

Storage automation still not a no-brainer

Chalkley Matlack, senior network administrator at doeLegal LLC, a Wilmington, DE-based legal support platform provider, used to spend about half his day replicating data to his disaster recovery (DR) site. Now, says Matlack, "Automation has cut my time down to going in each morning for maybe half an hour and checking the status of things." Matlack uses storage automation software--also called self-service storage--from RelData to schedule his company's DR replication. Storage automation lets admins set up policies for provisioning new servers or LUNs, or cloning databases, among other tasks. David Hubbard, RelData president and CEO, says automation is coded into the Relbots product, not just tagged on with a bunch of scripts. Patrick Rogers, VP of solutions marketing at NetApp, claims his firm's automation products eliminate the time spent cutting through internal help desk red tape. Rogers says NetApp's Provisioning Manager and Protection Manager allow storage admins to set policies so that application admins can self-manage ...

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Features in this issue

  • Gaps seen in file archiving tools

  • 10 key considerations for email archiving

    If you haven't standardized on an email archiving product, it can be time-consuming to find one that fits your company's needs. We list the 10 questions that will help you narrow down the list of available products and find the one that best suits your requirements.

  • QUALITY AWARDS III: NetApp sweeps NAS awards

    After a clean sweep of both the enterprise and midrange categories, NetApp is the undisputed NAS king. BlueArc Corp., last year's enterprise winner, didn't have a chance to challenge NetApp with too few responses to make the final cut.

  • Ask the Expert: Connecting two data centers

    I'm connecting two data centers, 70km apart, and I want to use EMC Symmetrix for synchronous replication. Will that distance work?

  • Migrate data without mistakes

    by  Deni Connor

    Data migrations are a fact of life. In many cases, the migration ends up being a tedious process. Automated tools can help ease migration woes. Host-based migration software takes the load off the storage array and can easily bridge the gap when migrating data between heterogeneous storage systems. But array-based migration may be preferred for technology refreshes.

  • The big crunch: Capacity grows, budgets shrink

    The brief respite storage managers enjoyed from the ever-escalating need for more disk capacity appears to be over. Respondents to our 2008 Purchasing Intentions survey say they'll add an average of 47TB of new disk capacity this year. But they'll have to do it with smaller storage budgets. And while virtualization could help respondents use their storage more efficiently, it's still receiving a cool reception.

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