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March 2018, Vol. 17, No. 1

Ten ways to protect intellectual property and trade secrets

Economic espionage -- sometimes called industrial espionage -- is the theft of a company's intellectual property, know-how or trade secrets. The loss of industrial information and IP through cyberespionage constitutes the "greatest unwilling transfer of wealth in history," Gen. Keith Alexander, formerly commander of the military's Cyber Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee in 2013. The global information footprint is growing at a speed never seen before, making it increasingly hard to protect intellectual property. There are thousands of exabytes of new data created every year and information volumes are growing exponentially. Compounding matters, some organizations fallaciously believe that because storage is relatively cheap, they can -- and even should -- keep everything forever. Sound familiar? How big is the problem? In recent years, the misappropriation of U.S. companies' trade secrets has also grown uncontrollably. According to the Department of Commerce in an update to its 2012 report "Intellectual Property ...

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