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Vol. 4 No. 6 August 2005

Quality awards: Enterprise arrays

Storage vendors, like other purveyors of high-tech products, tend to tout their wares with lengthy laundry lists of product specs: speeds, feeds and features--the traditional "wow factors" of technology marketing. While raw capability may be a good gauge of a product's potential usefulness, nothing compares to the test of time and real-world user experiences. The Diogenes Labs-Storage magazine Quality Awards endeavor to quantify those factors by giving storage pros a chance to share their hands-on experiences related to several key storage product categories. In the inaugural installment of the Quality Awards process, respondents completed a survey on enterprise-class storage arrays and then several survey respondents were interviewed. As the only award attempting to quantify the quality of storage products, the Diogenes Labs-Storage magazine Quality Awards differ significantly from other industry awards. Other awards are primarily popularity contests, with users typically voting for the product with which they are most familiar...

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Features in this issue

  • Bridging the gap

    Many disaster recovery and remote backup programs rely on an efficient, cost-effective WAN. Fiber-optic network technology is often required for long-distance data transmission, but you need to know what transport is best and the related implementation issues.

  • Monolithic going modular

    Monolithic systems go modular

  • DR testing infrequent at best

    Have you tested your DR plan?

  • Storage for manufacturing

    Manufacturing environments typically have different storage requirements than corporate apps, and have to deal with globally dispersed design teams as well as growing regulatory concerns. Here's how several prominent manufacturers have met the challenge.

  • New tools to classify data

    by  Brad O'Neill

    Putting data on storage systems appropriate to its value requires the ability to classify data. An emerging category of applications, Information Classification and Management apps, can index enterprise information and execute precise actions based on its content.

Columns in this issue