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Vol. 10 Num. 2 April 2011

Gotta yottabyte?

If you thought yottabytes were some kind of snack food, you're in for a rude awakening . . . but right now we've got exabytes to deal with. This just in: Earth knocked off its axis due to weight of 295 exabytes of data! OK, maybe we're just wobbling on our axis a little bit, but that's a heckuva lot of data, and you're going to need an awful lot of disks, chips, tape, paper and anything else that might hold a petabyte here and there to accommodate it all. That number -- 295 exabytes --was reported in an article in Science Express, a journal published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The authors used some pretty complex computations to come up with that number, which they actually define as the amount of data we were able to store in 2007. Science Express looks like a pretty serious pub -- among the other articles in the same issue were "Tomography of Reaction-Diffusion Microemulsions Reveals Three-Dimensional Turing Patterns" and "Dynamic Control of Chiral Space in a Catalytic Asymmetric Reaction Using...

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Features in this issue

  • Thin provisioning in depth

    by  Stephen Foskett

    Thin provisioning can help you use your disk capacity much more efficiently, but you need to get under the hood to understand how the technology might work in your environment.

  • Exchange 2010 and storage systems

    by  Brien Posey

    With Exchange Server 2010, Microsoft made some significant changes to the email app's database structure, and those changes may also affect the storage it resides on.

  • Virtual disaster recovery

    by  Lauren Whitehouse

    Whether used singly or combined, server virtualization and storage virtualization are making an impact on IT's ability to deliver disaster recovery, and to do so cost effectively.

Columns in this issue